How to Show Extra Columns in LANDWorksCAD when browsing plants


Using LANDWorksCAD, when Inserting a Concept Plant and/or Proposed Plants, how can I display more columns/information for each plant in the list?


Some of the columns might be hidden. There are two ways to show the columns:

Using the Plant List

Once you click on Insert Proposed Plant or Insert Concept Plan, click and drag with your mouse between 2 columns. If there is a field between these two columns, it will show on screen.

LANDWorksCAD Insert Concept Plan Click between columns

By clicking and dragging, it will show the column between (if any).

LANDWorksCAD Showing Hidden Column in Insert Concept Plant 

Editing Landworks.ini file (only for advanced users)

For LANDWorksCAD v.5.90, go to:

C:\Users\Public\LANDWorksCAD-v5.90\ (Windows Vista or 7)


C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\LANDWorksCAD-v5.90\ (Windows Vista or 7)

and edit

Landworks.ini file

For instance, when Inserting Concept Plants you can determine the column width by pixels. 0 means the column is hidden.

In the example below (Concept Plants Search), elev. figure name, image file name, description, category… and so on are hidden (0 value). You can type in any value, save the file and then restart LANDWorksCAD to see the changes.

plan figure name=211
elev. figure name=0
image file name=0
elev. image file name=0