Importing Solidworks files into IronCAD


How to import Solidworks files into IronCAD?


Many file types can easily be imported into IronCAD, especially if IronCAD Trans has also been installed.

These files can be viewed and edited as if they were created in IronCAD. The file formats include Solidworks Part files and Assembly files.

If you only have IronCAD ‘Compose’, (The free viewer and assembly software from IronCAD) you can add Trans for IronCAD Compose and easily utilize SolidWorks and other models without having to buy a full CAD package or use a limited ability Solidworks Viewer.

To Import a file that wasn’t created in IronCAD follow these instructions

  1. Click the Left Top IronCAD icon
  2. Select, File > Import >Import
    IronCAD Import
  3. Select your desired file and select Import/OK

Note: If the file you are trying to import was created in an Educational version of Solidworks (or any other program) it may not import as educational files are restricted from use in commercial software licenses.