Import / Export File Formats in Rhino 3D


What are the Import/Export File formats in Rhino 3D?


Direct I/O support

  • Save 3DM – Rhino V4 saves 3dm files in V4 format and has a SaveAs V3 and V2 option.
  • DWG/DXF import/export –
    • Opens, imports, and saves AutoCAD 2004, 2005, and 2006 files in addition to previous versions.
    • Opens and imports AutoCAD 2007 files.
    • Reads solids, hatchs, linetypes, line width, ordinate dimension, and MLINES.
    • Imports AutoCAD blocks as Rhino blocks.
    • Save DWG – Unreferenced block definitions are now exported to DWG file format.
    • Use schemes to save the option settings. The schemes apply to both DWG and DXF exporting.
    • Control the way curves are converted to AutoCAD.
  • DGN – Open, import, insert, or attach MicroStation DGN files.
  • FBX – Import and export.
  • GHS (General Hydrostatics) import/export (updated) – Major enhancement for reading and writing GHS geometry and part maker files.
  • GTS import – Import GNU Triangulated Surface (GTS) files.
  • KML – Export to Google Earth.
  • EarthAnchorPoint – Stores a latitude and longitude in the model so that when it is exported to mapping and GIS software (like Google Earth) it will be properly located.
  • PDF/AI import – PDF and Adobe Illustrator 8+ files.
  • AI export
    • Supports page size, line weight, line type, and object color.
    • ViewportBoundary option.
  • PLY – Import and export.
  • SketchUp – Import.
  • SketchUpImportOptions – Specifies how SketchUp files are read into Rhino.
  • STEP import – Updated to support parts and assemblies as blocks.

  • STL export – warns if objects are not closed.

  • STEPTree – Browse the structure of a STEP file.

  • WMF – Supports units.