Import SketchUp model to CAD


How to import SketchUpRealCAD?


Note: Only works with SketchUp 7 small models

First, open RealCAD or LANDWorksCAD and go to Tools > Load Application.

Select ‘Google SketchUp Interface‘ and click OK.

RealCAD Load SketchUp Interface Application

An additional toolbar will appear in your screen. Click on the ‘Folder’ icon to select a SketchUp model to import.

RealCAD SketchUp Import Toolbar

Select the file you would like to import, click on Open

RealCAD Open SketchUp Model Dialog Box

After a few seconds the SketchUp model will be successfully imported.

SketchUp Tree Sample Imported

To see the model in 3D, we have to change the view. Go to View Commands > Display a 3D view in a new window, then select ISO and click OK.

RealCAD View Commands Display 3D View

RealCAD Select ISO View

Now you should be able to see the model in ISO view.

With both views on the screen, you can go to Window > Tile to have a better look of the drawing.

RealCAD Displaying ISO View

Now, let’s add some shading. Go to Render Commands > Shade the current window (make sure the ISO view is currently selected)

RealCAD Shade Current Window

On the dialog box, check Use OpenGL for rendering, then click OK.

RealCAD Shade Options Use OpenGL for Rendering

And this is the result.

RealCAD SketchUp Model Rendered