Inner Glow Effect in PhotoImpact (prior to X3)


How do I apply a Inner Glow Effect in PhotoImpact, prior to X3?


For PhotoImpact X3 users, go to How to Apply Inner Glow in PhotoImpact X3

In older versions of PhotoImpact there is no instant effect of Inner Glow on an image.

Follow these easy steps to apply an Inner Glow to your image:

1) Press [CTRL] + [A] to select the entire image

PhotoImpact Select Image

2) Once you have selected the image, go to Edit > Selection > Soften…

PhotoImpact Edit - Selection - Soften Menu

3) Depending on the image size, select to soften the edges by 0 to 150 pixels

PhotoImpact Soften Edge Width By

4) Once you select the value in pixels, click OK

5) Then, right click on the image, select Invert

PhotoImpact Invert selection

6) This will Invert the current selection only selecting the edges as shown below:

PhotoImpact Invert Edges Closeup

7) The last step is press the [DELETE] key.

PhotoImpact Inner Glow Effect