Insert Bitmap Image in IronCAD Draft


How do I insert a bitmap image in IroCAD Draft?


Under the Common tab, select Insert Picture as shown in the image below:

IronCAD Draft Insert Image

On the Dialog Box, select the image you wish to insert in IronCAD Draft.

IronCAD Draft Insert Image Open Dialog Box

Clicking OK, another dialog box will appear where you can modify several settings.

IronCAD Draft Insert Image Settings

  • Path_Embed:
    • Relative directory: references the image from the origin folder
    • Embed picture into file: does not reference the image from any local folder. Bear in mind that, by selecting this option, the file size might increase dramatically
  • Insertion: An specific point in screen can be set.
  • Scale: Specifying a point in screen, you can easily scale the image when inserting.
  • Rotate: An angle can be set when inserting the image.