Insert Blocks of Text in RealCAD


Is it possible to create blocks/paragrphs of text in RealCAD / LANDWorksCAD / ArborCAD?


As in version 5.5 (RealCAD), version 5.9 (LANDWorksCAD) and version 1.0 (ArborCAD), creating blocks of text is not available.

However, it is possible to create multi-line text using the Text and Bitmap commands.

RealCAD Text and Bitmap commands

Selecting, for instance, Insert Text by One Point will show a dialog box where we can input our desired text.

RealCAD Edit / Insert Text Dialog Box

Pressing the Enter key will create a new line where you can keep adding text.

Once the text is inserted in the drawing, we can double click on it and change its properties (click on Change button)

RealCAD Text Verify Dialog Box

Selecting Change will bring up another dialog box where we can change the font style, size (height), angle, horizontal and vertical alignment and more…

RealCAD Change Existing Text

It does not work exactly as a block of text (MText). However, RealCAD gives you many options to work with text.