Insert Figure Annotation Text in RealCAD


How does the ‘Insert Figure Annotation Text’ command work in RealCAD / LANDWorksCAD / ArborCAD?

Insert Figure Annotation Text Command



To insert Text entities as part of a Figure, and that will prompt the user to edit each time the Figure is later inserted in a drawing. The entered text adopts the settings of the Figure Annotation Text such as size, font, color etc.

To create the Figure annotation text select the command then locate the position to place the Figure annotation text. Enter a ‘prompt’ that will be displayed when the Figure is inserted. The Prompt typically explains to the user what the text is describing. Finally enter an identifying label for the text that will be displayed in the Figure when it is created or edited.

Step1: insert the entities to draw the figure that you will be saving for later insertion into other drawings.

Step2: set the Text defaults to how you wish the text to appear etc

Step3: select “insert figure annotation  text” command, and click where you want to have the text appear.

Step4: Enter some text as a prompt that will later ask the user to enter a value. For example if you are using this command to help users complete a title block you might have “enter the name of the client” as your prompt text.

Also enter a unique Label value for the text. It doesn’t really matter what it is but a tip would be to make it about the length of text that you may later enter as the actual value.

Repeat steps 2 to 4 until you have all the Figure annotation text desired.

Step5: Save the file

Now you are ready to insert this into new drawings as a figure. Try it. Start a new drawing and insert this file as a figure and when you do it will automatically prompt you to type in a value for each line of annotation that you set up. The text style, size etc will change automatically to match the style you set up in the annotation originally.