Installing StrucPLUS for more than one user in the same machine


When logged into a different user, StrucPLUS is not loading when launching AutoCAD®


When StrucPLUS is installed in a computer, the program is just installed for that specific user.

You will have to configure StrucPLUS for that user you would like to have access to StrucPLUS as described below:

  1. Log into the user you would like to configure StrucPLUS within the same computer
  2. Go to C:\SP2000\Install and execute ConfigureCADAppStrucPLUS
  3. Click on the CAD Application you want to configure, and then click on the Configure button
  4. If the user does not have admin rights, he or she might be prompted with the following window when opening the StrucPLUS instructions.
    Click on ‘Yes’ to open the drawing (as read-only) with the StrucPLUS instructions.
  5. Insert the Authorization Number on the provided textbox, and then click on Authorise