IronCAD Center of Gravity Indicators


How to calculate the Center of Gravity (COG) in IronCAD?


Tools are available to give users an indicator for the center of gravity. The Center of Gravity toolbar/ ribbon bar group allows the users the ability to add an indicator on the selected part/assembly to show the local center of gravity.

In addition, the user can turn on the display to show the values of the center of gravity. The center of gravity indicator will update when the geometry is modified to give accurate feedback. The indicator is for feedback in the scene and currently cannot be used for dimensioning or snap locations.

IronCAD Toolbars Set COG Display

How to Add a Center of Gravity Indicator

  1. Select the desired shape ( IntelliShape, Part, or Assembly).

  2. Select the Add COG icon on the Center of Gravity toolbar or from the.

IronCAD COG example

To remove the Center of Gravity indicator, select the part and select Remove COG from the toolbar/ribbon bar. Select the Show Information icon on the toolbar to show the local coordinates of the Center of Gravity location.