IronCAD Convert Structured to Innovative Part


How to convert a Structured part in IronCAD to Innovative and/or vice versa?


In this example we have a structured part that will be transformed to innovative.

IronCAD Structured Part Example

First, we need to create an empty new part pre-selecting the Innovative Part from the dropdown list.

IronCAD Select Innovative Part

Next, we select Create Part (Assembly tab)

IronCAD Create Part

Click on Yes on the following dialog box to make that new empty part active.

IronCAD Create Part Active Status

Having selected the new empty Innovative part, go to the Feature tab then select Copy Body

IronCAD Copy Body Command

Select the Structured parts you wish to copy, then click on the green checkbox

IronCAD Select Body to Copy

Your Structured Part will be replicated as Innovative as shown below:

IronCAD Copied Body as Innovative Part