IronCAD Failed to Check Hardware Information


When trying activating IronCAD the following error message appears:

  • “Failed to import license: Failed to check hardware information”
  • “Failed to check hardware information”

IronCAD Failed to check hardware information IronCAD Failed to import license


This error message can appear if the Windows User Account Control (Windows UAC) is active on Windows 7 or Windows 8 most likely affecting the IronCAD default installation.

We would recommend to disable Windows UAC access the Control Panel

On Windows 7, click on Start (lower left icon on the taskbar), type UAC and click on Change User Account Control Settings

Windows 7 User Account Control Search

On Windows 8, go to the top right side of your screen with your mouse and search UAC under Applications

Windows 8 Search Windows 8 UAC Search Windows 8 UAC Search Results

Drag the slider down to Never Notify and click OK (you may have to restart the computer for the changes to take effect)

User Account Control Dialog Box

Uninstall IronCAD and other components (such as CAXA plugins) from Control Panel > Programs and Features then run the installer and follow the IronCAD installation instructions and IronCAD Licensing Procedure.