Line weights in Home Designer


What line weight I need to set to print 1 – 20 on A3 paper? The text is OK but the walls and objects are too light.

I have tried to change the line weights for the walls in the wall setup dialogue, but I am just guessing. Every time I go to print to a 1.20 scale a message tells me that my line weight is not the same as the layout, but I can’t seem to get it right?

Could you give the correct setup please, I was using the wall setting adjustable thickness, but the line weight is grayed out.


You can set up the line weights the Page setup Dialog box as shown below. This is what I have used in the past.

Be sure to set Drawing scale in the THIS dialog box to 1 : 1 not 1:20

Home Designer Page Setup

When you send the view to the layout page, that is when you set the scale to 1:20

You can set the individual line weights for the walls where you define walls.  As seen here…

Home Designer