Outlook Calendar Files Opened in IronCAD


Since IronCAD shares file extension with Outlook iCalendar files, every time I open a Calendar file it launches IronCAD and not Outlook.

How do I revert back the .ics file association to Outlook?


Right click in any of the calendar files (.ics), go to Open with… Choose default program…

Right Click, File, Open With...

Select Microsoft Outlook from the Recommended Programs List

Check ‘Always use the selected program to open this kind of file’

Click OK.

Select File Open Default Program

The calendar file will open in Outlook, and the file association will change for every .ics file.

Hint: Using this procedure you can also set the .ics file association to IronCAD.

If the program is not on the list of Recommended Programs, click on Browse… and select the executable file (.exe) that runs the program you want to open the file with.