Parametric Dimensions in RealCAD / LANDWorksCAD / ArborCAD


Is it possible to work with Parametric Dimensions in RealCAD?


By double clicking any of the dimensions in your drawing, you can create equations that will update automatically every time a dimension is modified.

First, we need to give a variable name to any of the dimensions. Double click in the dimension you wish to parametrize and click on ‘Modify Equation‘.

RealCAD Dimension Verify Modify Equation

Type your desired name, Length1 in this example, click OK.

RealCAD Modify Dimension Change Equation

That dimension now has a variable name associated, as shown in the picture below.

RealCAD Length1 Sample

You can also add variables and simple expressions, such as Length1 + Length2, and so on. 

RealCAD Dimension Verify Change Equation


RealCAD Dimension Verify Change Equation Add Lengths

Once you set up the variable names and expressions, double click on the Length1 dimension, and then select Modify Length

RealCAD Dimension Verify Modify Length

Type a different value, then click OK.


As you can see in the example, Length1 + Length2 will automatically update their values, altering the model shape.

RealCAD Dimensions Changed