Planes not Printing / Showing


When printing some of the planes / hatchings are not showing (blank).


One of the reasons why the planes might not be printed is because of the use of big planes with transparencies plus printing to large paper sizes, such as A1.

It is usually recommended to avoid the use of transparencies when possible and use a lighter colour instead.

First, double click on the plane that is not printing and check if it has transparency.

LANDWorksCAD Change Plane Properties Transparencies

By clicking on Change you can set the transparency to 0.

Then, go to the colour palette and change the colour used in the plane as shown in the example below:

LANDWorksCAD Colour Palette

Select the appropiate colour, then click on Define

LANDWorksCAD Define Colour

Change (increase) the Lighness for a brighter colour, similar than when using transparencies.

LANDWorksCAD Define Colour Lightness