Create Materials in Designer Pro PLUS


How do I create or modify existing materials to suit different sizes and / or other properties in Designer Pro PLUS?


In this example we will copy an existing material and change its parameters.

Go to the 3D menu, Materials > Plan Materials…

Designer Pro 3D - Materials - Plan Materials pulldown menu

On the following dialog box, you may Edit, Create or Copy an existing one.

In this example, select Red5 Brick and click on Copy…

Designer Pro Plan Materials Dialog Box Copy

That will open a new dialog box (General tab) where we can change the existing specifications, such as the Material Name, Height, Length, Depth, Mortar Width, etc.

Designer Pro Define Material General Tab

You may also change the settings under the Pattern tab.

Designer Pro Define Material Pattern Tab

For each of the materials there are 2 types of visualization: plan mode and rendered mode. Under the Texture tab we can change the scale (size) manually.

Designer Pro Define Material Texture tab

The Properties tab displays additional ray tracing settings.

Designer Pro Define Material Properties tab

Click OK to save the changes.

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