Plot Scale and Zoom Scale in RealCAD


I am a little bit confused with the Plot Scale and Zoom Scale in RealCAD / LANDWorksCAD.

What is the difference between Zoom Scale and Plot Scale?


Zoom Scale

Refers to the actual view of the plan you are drawing.

If your Zoom Scale is set to 1:1, then you are drawing using ‘real measurements’.

Other Zoom Scale examples are 1:20, 1:100…

The Zoom Scale is very useful also when printing completed plans to different scales.

Zoom Scale and Plot Scale in RealCAD

Plot Scale

Plot Scale refers to the size of the texts and dimensions on your screen.

Plot Scale is generally set 1:100, although you can easily change that under View Commands > Change Plot View

Plot Scale Command in RealCAD

Both Zoom Scale and Plot Scale can be modified easily depending on your specific needs.

This article of How to scale your drawings correctly will give you more information and hints of how to work easily to different scales.