RealCAD / LANDWorksCAD File Size Extremely Big, Slow Performance


My RealCAD /LANDWorksCAD file is quite big and it slows down dramatically when working with the file.

How can I improve the software performance?


There are several factors that will increase the file size dramatically and will affect the use of the drawing depending on your computer specifications.

Bitmap Images

Image files ’embedded’ into the drawing will increase the file size dramatically.

When working with images, it is recommended to save all the files in one folder, and then link the images used in CAD to the filename (path in your hard drive)

Under Options > Bitmap, make sure the Link to filename option is ticked.

For images currently inserted in the drawing, select the bitmap first, then change the properties using the same procedure described above.

RealCAD Bitmap Options Link to Filename

Once you have made the changes, don’t forget to save the file.


Figures (Blocks) in RealCAD have a similar option, where you can attach all the figures into the drawing, or link to the path location on your hard drive.

Under Options > Figures, you can choose whether to Auto Attach/Detach figures (default behaviour when inserting figures), or Attach or Deattach all figures at once using the provided buttons.

RealCAD Figure Options Auto Attach or Deattach

De-Attaching the figures into the drawing will decrease the file size.


Working with planes in CAD can also affect the software performance. Specially by using transparencies, complex patterns, or defined planes in conjunction with your computer configuration.

Using the Display Mask commands, types of entities, layers, or colours can be switched on or off whilst you are working in the drawing and will improve the software performance.

RealCAD Entity Display Mask



Grouping entities in RealCAD or LANDWorksCAD will duplicate the overall number of entities in the drawing. Therefore, it will affect when refreshing the drawing on the screen and the file size.

Imported .dwg or .dxf files

When importing files in RealCAD or LANDWorksCAD, sometimes additional entities (not required in RealCAD or LANDWorksCAD) are brought up, such as additional lines, planes…

Sometines it is recommended once a .dwg or .dxf file is imported, to copy your desired entities into a fresh new drawing. This will reduce the file size and will speed up the software.


Don’t forget to save the file, or save as default options for every drawing.