RealCAD Student License Installation Instructions


How to license RealCAD Student License or LANDWorksCAD Student License?


Student Licenses are currently processed manually, it is not incorporated in the main licensing procedure.

Important: Educational versions can not be updated once licensed so install the software from the CD first then if you want to be sure you have the latest software, download and install the latest updates of the program files from our website site BEFORE licensing your software. You can not update after you have licensed the program.

Step 1

Start RealCAD or LANDWorksCAD and select the Set License Key button. If requested, accept the End User License Agreement.

On the following dialog box, select:

RealCAD Software License Copy Software Lock Number

1) Have you purchased? Yes

2) Check Normal Stand-alone machine license

3) Select This machine is not connected to the internet

4) Click on ‘Copy

5) Send us the lock number -copied on step above- on a new email addressed to along with the following information:

  • The software Lock Number exactly as you pasted it
  • Your Full Name
  • Your Email Address
  • The name of the course you are attending
  • The school or college
  • The name of the CAD Instructor (if known)

6) Close RealCAD (or LANDWorksCAD)

Step 2

CAD International will then generate a unique License Key number to correspond with your lock number. This will be emailed back to you within 24 hours.

Important: It is NOT the Serial Number that may also be emailed to you. You will not be using the Serial number.

Now make sure RealCAD is not running.

Use My Computer, Windows Explorer or the Windows Start > Search tool to locate the file SetupStudentLicense.exe on the hard disk of your computer. It is normally installed under:

C:\Program Files\RealCAD-v5.5 or C:\Program Files\LANDWorksCAD-v5.90

RealCAD Setup Student License File Location

Note for Windows 7 and Vista users: Right click on SetupSetudentLicense.exe and then select ‘Run as Administrator’

Run as administrator

Running the SetupStudentLicense.exe file will show the following dialog box:

RealCAD Student License Input Information

Click on the Browse button and browse to the same folder you just found the SetupStudentLicense.exe file in.

Locate the cad.exe file and click on it once only to highlight it. Then click the Open button and the dialog box shown above should be updated to show the location of the cad.exe file on your machine.

Now fill the Student Name and Key exactly as shown in the email you received from CAD International. You may wish to copy and paste the name and key from the email to avoid making a typo.

Click the License Software button to license your software.

Start RealCAD normally – it will now be licensed.