RealCAD – Walls with Hatching


Building my wall layout in RealCAD, how do I add hatching as brickwork?

RealCAD Wall Outline


You can easily select any customized hatching from the library.

Step 1: Select your Hatching

Before using the hatching commands, go under Options > Planes (or right click on any of the hatching and planes commands), then select pattern fill and click on […] button, as shown below:

RealCAD Plane Options Pattern Fill Browse

A new dialog box will appear listing the hatch patterns available on the specified directory.

RealCAD Hatch Patterns List

Note: If the list is empty, click on Browse and select a valid folder.

For instance: C:\Users\Public\RealCAD-v5-5\Hatch-Patterns if using RealCAD v.5.5.

Once you select your desired hatch pattern the software will take you again to the Plane Options dialog box. The preview section will show how the hatch pattern would like on a specified scale.

Step 2: Select wall outline

Select the wall outline dragging a rectangle from top left to bottom right

RealCAD RealCAD Wall Outline Selected

Step 3: Use hatching command

From Surfaces command, select Insert plane hatch by boundary

RealCAD Surfaces - Insert Plane Hatch by Boundary

Step 4: Done!

The hatch plane will be applied to the outline.

RealCAD Hatch Pattern applied to boundary

Note: Bear in mind that, depending on the scale used, you will get different results.

Zoom in (closeup)

RealCAD Hatch Pattern Applied to Outline closeup