Rhino 3D Online Registration Instructions


How to register my copy of Rhino 3D?


Running Rhino v5 for the first time after installing will prompt you to validate your license online. Click on Validate Now

Rhino v5 Validation Welcome Dialog Box

It will attempt to connect to the validation server (should take a few seconds).

Rhino v5 Connecting to Validation Server

Enter your email address using the same one used when installing Rhino v5

Rhino v5 Enter Email Address

On the next dialog box, please enter your contact details. Please note some of them are compulsory.

Rhino v5 Registration Full Contact Details

Please choose your profession and areas of interest.

Rhino v5 Registration Profession

Choose your other related CAD tools you may be using.

Rhino v5 Registration Other CAD software

Click on Next to validate your license.

Rhino v5 Registration Click to Validate

After a few seconds, your license should be validated.

Rhino v5 Registration Validation Completed

You can also register Rhino v5 via Help > Register Rhino…

Rhino 3D Help Register Rhino Option

It will open the McNeel registration page in your web browser. Where you will follow similar instructions as the ones described on this page.