StrucPLUS Buttons Missing (? icons)


I installed StrucPlus but I cannot see any trace of the new buttons. Pressing one of the new tools gives a message of unknown at the prompt. Typing SPMenu at prompt results Unknown command


To resolve the issue with the toolbars, we need to re-compile the menus under the folder SP2000/Menus.

    • Exit AutoCAD.
    • Delete the files under SP2000 Menus with the following file extensions(*):
      • .mnr -AutoCAD Menu Resource-
      • .cuix -AutoCAD Customization File-

  • Re-enter AutoCAD
  • Type SPSETUP at the command line.

(*)If you are unable to see the file extensions, change the Folder View to ‘Details’ and delete the ‘AutoCAD Menu Resource’ and ‘AutoCAD Menu Resource’.