SketchUp Text doesn’t zoom and stays static


Placing a leader text and set the size to height.

SketchUp Plan Leader with no arrow sample

When zooming it still stays fixed in size and position and everything else zooms around it.

Leader Text not resizing when zooming


Text added with the Text Tool is always of the same size, whatever the zoom factor.

The problem happens if placing the text in a blank area, not referring to any other figure / entity.

First, add a text with a leader, taking as reference any of the lines or faces defining your plan.

SketchUp Add Text with Leader

Once you type your text, right click on the entity, then select ‘Entity Info

Leader Text Contextual Menu SketchUp

On the Leader Entity Info Properties, Select Hidden on Leader dropdown list.

Entity Info Properties SketchUp

The leader with the arrow will dissapear.

Entity Leader Hidden SketchUp

Once you accept the changes, you can freely move your text and position it.

Move Leader Text SketchUp

Zooming in or out will also affect to the text with the hidden leader, as shown below:

Zooming in SketchUp Leader Text Moving Accordly