Trace Over Survey Plan using CAD Software


Given a surveyor plan as an image. How can I accurately trace lines to scale in the lot boundary using my CAD software?


The following video shows how to Trace Over Survey Plan using CAD Software.

Trace Over Survey Plan using CAD Software

The steps are:

  1. Import the image by using Import bitmap by one point
  2. Hit ‘Enter’ to position the image on the 0,0,0 origin point
  3. Zoom in (using the scroll mouse) to see the imported image
  4. Change the line settings (line width and color) for clarity
  5. Draw a line using the longest given distance from the surveyor
  6. Select all entities, then scale by two points and given length
  7. Type the length and then select the start and end of the previously drawn line
  8. Hit Enter as the center of operation
  9. Now the image will increase its size dramatically. Zoom out.
  10. Use the Line > Insert angle constrained line command
  11. Type in the angle, length and check the Reference Line, Move Reference Line and Constrain Length boxes. By doing that, we are making sure we are selecting a line as reference line, and constrain also the length of the line we want to draw
  12. Select the reference line, then start and end of the angled constrained line (as shown in video)
  13. Repeat the previously 2 steps to trace the entire lot boundary