Unable to license PlanSwift


I am unable to activate my PlanSwift license. 


If you are having issues activating your license, and you get an error message, some of the reasons could be:

Error Message: Unable to Unlock Additional Computers at this time

This is due to your license/licenses are all currently activated. You would first want to remove the license on one computer (help tab, software license options, remove license) in order to activate another computer. You can also have it set up so that the license automatically gets removed when exiting planswift (settings tab, general) then put a check in the box where it says “Automatically remove license when exiting”.

Error Message: Unable to Provide Unlock Codes/No License Found

This is due to you trying to activate a version that does not match the unlock codes you have. Such as, if you have a 8.7 license, you would need to be activating a 8.7 version. If you have Panswift with Sage, then you would want to be activating a Planswift with sage version etc. Also make sure that you entered the right customer number with typing “C” first. EX C12345

Error Message: License Has Expired

First you would want to check to make sure that your date and time, in the lower right hand corner match today’s date and time. You will also get this if you have downloaded a trial and it has reached it’s expiration date, as well as a payment plan was declined or canceled.

Error Message: Activation Pin is Invalid

This would be due to when you you are entering your unlock codes, the pin number does not match the one assigned to your account. You can also try erasing the customer number and pin, then typing it in manually.