Using Bitmap and Hatch Pattern Fills in RealCAD / LANDWorksCAD


How can I use hatch patterns and bitmap images as fills for my planes inRealCAD/ LANDWorksCAD/ArborCAD?


Under Options > Planes you can choose your desired bitmap or hatch pattern (among other fill options).

Using bitmaps fills

Select Bitmap fill under Fill options, then click on […] on the Pattern file section, as shown below:

RealCAD Plane Options Bitmap Fill

Note: the Browse button can be used alternatively if you know exactly the bitmap file name you wish to use.

Clicking on […] will display a new dialog box.

Plane Options Hatch Patterns display window empty

Click on Browse and select the folder where your bitmap images are located. In our example,

C:\Users\Public\LANDWorksCAD-v5.90\Textures\Grass & Vegetation

RealCAD Browsing Files

Double click on any of the image files, or select and click on Open

RealCAD Plane Options Hatch Patterns Window Displaying Bitmap images

All the image files within your selected folder should now display on the dialog box. If not, try by scrolling down the list.

Double click in any of the bitmaps to use it as your plane fill.

Using hatch pattern fills

Using hatch pattern fills is the same as using bitmaps. Select Pattern Fill and click on […]

RealCAD Plane Options Pattern Fill

Click on Browse and select the folder where you hatch patterns are stored.

RealCAD Plane Options Hatch Patterns Window Browse

Double click on any of the hatch pattern files (.CAD extension).

RealCAD Hatch Patterns Browse Window

The Hatch Patterns dialog box should display all the different hatch patterns (.CAD files) contained in your selected folder. If not, try by scrolling through the list to ‘refresh’ the contents of that window.

RealCAD Showing Hatch Patterns