Using SmartPaint in IronCAD


How to use SmartPaint in IronCAD?


SmartPaint allows you to apply different solid colors and image textures in your components.

It can be easily accessed by right clicking in any of the components, select SmartPaint

IronCAD SmartPaint Properties Window

Some of the properties that can be set are: Select between a solid color or image texture, apply bumps, transparency, reflections, decal, emission and finish.

Using your Windows browser you can also drag and drop an image into any of the surfaces, as shown below:

IronCAD Insert SmartPaint Image Dialog Box

Different choices can be selected in the dialog box that appears once you ‘drop’ the image into the block.


A) Image as a Color Texture, Automatically projected on to the surface

IronCAD Smart Paint Image as color texture, Automatic Projection

B) Image as Color Texture, Slide Projection.

IronCAD Insert SmartPaint Image as color, Slide Projection

C) Image as Color Texture, Cylindrical Projection.

IronCAD SmartPaint Image as Color Texture, Cylindrical Projection

D) Image as Bumps, Automatic Projection.

Note that Bump maps are not visible in the realtime rendering mode.

IronCAD SmartPaint Insert Image as Bumps, Automatic Projection

To see the bump map, a realistic rendering must be performed, by hitting the Render Now button, or alternatively pressing [CTRL] + [R]

IronCAD SmartPaint Bumps Render Result

E) Image as Decal, Natural Projection. 

IronCAD SmartPaint Decal Natural