Walkthroughs in Designer Pro (Rendered Views)


Is it possible to create walkthroughs in Designer Pro?

How do I make a walkthrough of a rendering instead of previews?

Click here to learn how to create a walkthrough along a path



Designer Pro allows you to create walkthroughs as follow:

Walkthrough of a Rendering

To create a Walkthrough movie, you must be in render preview mode. Use the following procedure to create a walk through file composed of final view renderings.

First, create a perspective view from the 3D dropdown menu > Create Perspective View > View > Full Camera

Next, click and drag in the direction you would like to create the walkthrough movie. This will create the preview rendering.

To create the final rendering, select from the menu 3D > Camera View > Options > Final View or Final View With Shadows

Designer Pro Camera View Options Final View with Shadows

After a few seconds, the final view should display.

Next, select from the menu 3D > Walkthroughs > Record Walkthrough

Designer Pro Record Walkthrough Command

Before the record begins, select the folder location where you want to save your walkthrough.

Designer Pro Select Movie File Save as Type

Once you click on Save, Designer Pro will begin recording the screen.

Because you have already created the final render view, Designer Pro will be recording that rendered image on your screen.

When you are ready to move the camera, click on Pause Recording child tool and move the camera.

After you have moved the camera and the image has generated, from the menu select 3D > Camera View Options > Final View, or Final View With Shadows and Designer Pro will generate a final render view on the screen.

Once the final view of the rendering generates, click the Pause Recording child tool once more to restart the recording, and the newly positioned final rendering will be included in the walkthrough.

While this may be a slow process, if you are careful only to record when you have a final rendering on the screen, and pause the recording at all other times, your walkthrough will be composed entirely of final view with renderings.