Working with Hatch Patterns in RealCAD / LANDWorksCAD / ArborCAD


What is the most efficient way to work with Hatch Patterns?


Just with a few clicks you can easily manage and change your plane options (and also hatch patterns).

First, select Surface commands, then right click with your mouse in any of the Plane Commands:

RealCAD Surface Commands

Select Pattern Fill and then click on […] as shown below:

RealCAD Surface Plan Options Pattern Fill

A list view of Hatch Patterns will display. If the list appear in black, that is because in the current directory there are no hatch patterns available. See example below:

Hatch Patterns Preview Window

Click on Browse, as shown above and select the folder containing the hatch patterns.

Hatch Patterns Correct Folder


Hint: When browsing bitmaps the method is exactly the same. Select the appropiate folder and click on First to refresh the list.