Working with Toolbars in BricsCAD Linux Version


I am using BricsCAD Pro on Linux and I noticed that when I want to arrange my tool-bars the way I am used to in AutoCAD, I have a hard time placing them where I want them.Is there a right and easier way to arrange those tool-bars around?

Is there a way to revert to default and start from scratch?

Is there a way to save it, once it’s arranged as a new user profile manager file and use it from that point on in any new installation?


Under Windows, toolbar positions are stored in your user profile, in the registry under a key like:


Under Linux, this registry information is stored in a file – ~/.bricscad/reg

Start the User Profile Manager from scratch (not from BricsCAD), create a new profile and set it ‘current’. Now start BricsCAD from the user profile manager. Open and rearrange the toolbars you need.

The command Toolbar (Show or Hide) opens and closes toolbars. In Tools > Customize we can set the position (Top, Bottom, Floating etc), visibility and coordinates of each toolbar.

Now close BricsCAD. The user profile information is only written to the registry when you close BricsCAD.

Now you can restart the User Profile Manager and export this new user profile to a file. On other machines you can import this user profile from file and use it.