ARCHLine.XP Training

Personalised One-on-One Training

Training Options

1 x 1 Hour Training Session

Just want to learn about one aspect of the software in a single session? Book one-on-one tuition (facilitated by screen sharing)  with an expert. Your sessions can usually be recorded so you can refer back to them.

$ 195

4 x 1 Hour Sessions

Take the time to get your learning reinforced. Four one-on-one training sessions spread over one or two weeks will not only reinforce what you learned in previous sessions but ensure you progress at a steady pace.

$ 739

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8 x 1 Hour Sessions

Looking to become highly accomplished in a short space of time? Take eight hours of our experts wealth of knowledge and apply it to your own needs in eight comprehensive training sessions between one to four weeks as desired.

$ 1,395

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