One-on-One Training

Training Per Hour

Book one-on-one tuition (facilitated by screen sharing)  with an expert in your software. If you require 1, 2 or 3 hours you can adjust how many at the checkout.


 Per hour

4 Hours Training

Take all four hours in one session or break it up into several lessons over a few days. This is the most popular one-on-one package.

Original price was: $534.Current price is: $520.

Discount Rate

8 Hours Training

Looking to become highly accomplished in a short space of time? Take eight hours over several sessions and apply a wealth of our knowledge to your own projects. (Best value) 

Original price was: $1,069.Current price is: $1,021.

Best Value

Common Questions

How long is the one-on-one training for?

The minimum training period is 1 hour. If you have purchased more than one hour we recommend doing 2 hours at a time as this seems to be the most beneficial. When you buy an 8 hour bundle you will typically be doing 4 x 2 hour sessions.

What can I learn?

Being personalised means we can help you learn exactly what you need to know about your software, without you needing to learn parts of the product you may never use. We’ll talk with you first and ask you to provide samples of drawings or products you’re wanting to produce. In this way we can prepare a more useful approach to achieving your goals faster.

Online Course vs One-on-One?

Online courses are a great way to become familiar with the broad aspects of the software and are completed at your own pace in your own time and typically follow a step-by-step approach.

One-on-One training on the other hand is scheduled with one of our trainers and is facilitated by remote access to your machine with no structured course content. It is instead tailored to your needs, budget and in what way you learn best.

What software do you teach?

We teach the following programs.

  • IronCAD
  • ARCHLine.XP
  • RealCAD
  • LANDWorksCAD
  • ArborCAD
  • Lumion
  • SketchUp

Who will my trainer be?

Your trainer will be dependent on which product you are learning. Our trainers are well versed in the use of the software and are familiar with pacing your learning in a way that gives you a great outcome.

Can I record the training?

Yes. So long as your computer is capable of recording at the same time as we are connected with you. In some cases we can do this for you at our end and send the recording to you afterwards.

From a legal standpoint you may not share your personal training with others outside your organisation.

How many students can attend?

As the name implies, One-on-One training is for one individual and the tutor. More students can be added if desired at extra cost but it is not recommended in most cases as the tutor’s focus becomes divided.

How do I book my session times?

After you have purchased we will put you in touch with your trainer so you can find a mutually suitable time to start your sessions. Your trainer can then discuss with you what you wish to learn and achieve more detail.

Questions about training?