Fire Relief

The recent devastating fires in Victoria, Australia have left over 7000 people homeless with some peoples entire towns burned to the ground.

At last count there were over 1800 buildings completely destroyed including homes, schools, community centres, shops, sheds and factories. In the months to come there will need to be some substantial rebuilding of the lives of survivors who lived and worked in those communities; part of that will involve redesigning and planning of everything from civil works to homes and gardens…

…CAD International have pledged to supply CAD software to designers directly involved in the rebuilding FREE of charge. The licenses include RealCAD and LANDWorksCAD. Please enquire in the first instance directly to to establish your eligibility for the free software licensing.

Brazil for Rhinoceros

Using Rhinoceros? Brazil for Rhinoceros is now in stock. Get in early as stocks are limited at this price and the price will increase soon.

Based on the Brazil r/s 2.0 technology, Rhino users can now use the same rendering technology as the world’s most demanding CG (Computer Graphics) artists without leaving Rhino.


Top production CG artists from every facet of the industry, and around the world, rely on SplutterFish’s Brazil r/s for their most demanding work. Brazil r/s was used most recently in several blockbuster films including Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith (Lucasfilm Ltd), Sin City (Dimension Films), and the top-selling World of Warcraft (Blizzard Entertainment) video game.

We have an introductory/pre-release price of $1065, a saving of nearly $500


16 Feb 2009: Today, CAD International accepted distribution/reseller rights for one of the world’s most advanced parametric solid modellers for mechanical and product design IronCAD.

“IronCAD fills a gaping hole in CAD International’s software offerings,” Nigel Varley, CEO of CAD International said today. “IronCAD is a leading solid modeller that competes head-to-head with Inventor, Solid Edge and Solid Works among others. At less than half the cost of the others for both implementation and ongoing maintenance, IronCAD is perfect for today’s market. The fact that it is also easier to master and more fluid in its abilities make IronCAD even more attractive.”

To find out more about IronCAD avail. from CAD International email or visit

What’s New in Flamingo 2

Here’s what is new in Flamingo 2.0

Enhanced user interface

Drag-and-drop support for materials, lights, and plants Support for multiple environments
Reflected environment option (global)
Global illumination light dome with HDRI support
Material preview in Rendered display mode
Sun and parallel light soft shadows
Improved soft shadows, blurry transparency, and blurry reflection
New decal interface with preview
Post-render real-time depth of field, fog glow, glare, and wireframe
Materials and plants can be saved in the 3DM file.
Foliage density per plant
Batch rendering using scripts
Render views by name
Image size and resolution saved in the file
Save photometric images to file
Support for Piranesi EPix
More projection styles including cylindrical and spherical
Image resolution management
RPC 3.0 support
Polygonal groundcover
Decal across multiple objects
Support for Rhino clipping planes
Shadow control per object
Missing material/decal bitmap report

Do you have Flamingo 1? Upgrades to v2 now in stock.

New Aussie Template for Home Designer v8

If you are an Australian user of Home Designer Pro 8 then download our template to install a more “down under” friendly startup file that contains Australian wall types and correct Australian Std brick wall hatch pattern etc.

Download and Save this Profilem.plan file to your …/My Documents/Home Designer Pro 8.0 Data/Templates/ folder of your PC.

Overwrite the file of the same name that’s already in the folder. Next time you start a new metric drawing the software will use this new file as the template.

Plants Grow Huge

We have employed the services of well known Landscape Architect and horticultural whiz, John Prince to grow the current landscape plant database supplied with LANDworksCAD ten-fold. With the assistance of former support guru Bill Murch they are busy researching and implementing the database ready for shipping with version 6 of the software due later this year.

Plants for North America, Europe, England, Africa, South America, New Zealand and Australia have been included. Users will now have several thousand plants to choose from, all with closely matching CAD images from an increased figure library.

What’s In It For Me?

“It’s all very well that CAD International are expanding, but what’s in it for me?” you ask.

We hear you loud and clear!..
…so we’ve decided to offer a list of time limited specials you can purchase and benefit from immediately…

1. Half Price Training* Improve your skills and efficiencies. If you purchase or have already purchased CAD-Level-1 online training then you may now purchase CAD-Level-2 at half the normal price.
Check-out the online Training

2. AutoCAD $795 !? …Not quite, but the next best thing; Bricscad is the closest fully compatible CAD software available and at this price you’ll save over $6000 per seat!*
Check-out Bricscad

3. LT only $695 That’s right, RealCAD LT, normally $1295. The best 2D CAD software on the market. DWG, DXF and CAD file compatible too. Don’t miss this one!*
Check-out RealCAD LT

4. Brazil for Rhino $1065 This is an early/ pre-release price of the high end rendering engine for Rhino3D. Save nearly $500!

*You MUST quote promo code FEB09OK at the time of purchase to receive any of the discount offers listed above. All offers expire midnight, 28th February 2009 AEST. No exceptions. These offers are not available with any other offer.

Renovate and Remodel

Now is a great time to renovate or remodel your home to add value. Renew the kitchen or bathroom, redecorate the bedroom or lounge, repaint or reclad the exterior…. and here’s some very inexpensive software to help you.

Welcome Andy

CAD International today secured the services of Mr Andy McKay who has been a long standing business development manager in the CAD arena for AutoCAD and Autodesk products. Andy joins us as Global Business Development Manager having identified the growth potential of CAD International’s own product lines.

“I am very impressed and looking forward to the challenge…”
“I am increasingly aware of the products CAD International have been producing,” he said, “And have experienced their market penetration already whilst selling Autodesk products. I am very impressed and looking forward to the challenge of letting the whole world know about them.”

“One of the greatest advantages in this economic climate” Andy reiterated, “is that they are better priced and more capable than anything else I’ve seen in the market. The landscape design software (LANDWorksCADand structural design application (StrucPLUS) seem particularly attractive to users I’ve come across.”

Welcome ‘CADDER’

There are those who simply have a passion for things that many won’t ever understand. Graham Brewin is one of those people. Graham ‘Cadder’ Brewin is passionate about CAD; So passionate he was nick-named by his peers as ‘CADDER’ and the name has stuck for more than a decade. Even the number plate on his car reflects his obsession.

We are pleased to be able to secure the services of this rare individual as he devours the technicalities of our RealCAD range of software. You can expect to see his work on our web site in the months to come in new tutorials designed to assist you in using your CAD software.


Moving Your License

Here are the instructions on moving your RealCAD based software license from one machine to another…


1. Click this download link and select Run

2. Select Help then About from the menu

3. Select Unlicense and follow the instructions, saving the licenseinfo.dat file that it creates to your desktop

4. Regardless of whether the software says it has emailed us or not, manually email the licenseinfo.dat file as an attachment to with your request for a new license Key.

We will process your request and return an email to you with further instructions on licensing your new machine.

CAD International require that you use the unlicense process before issuing any new keys.