Moving a Plate’n’Sheet License to another computer


How do I transfer my Plate’n’Sheet license to a different computer?


If you decide to move the license to another computer because you are upgrading or just reallocating computers, there is an uninstall process that generates a code at your end as proof that the licence has been removed. The steps are as follows:

  1. Purchase a ‘ReAuth Code’ from here
  2. Install Plate ‘n’ Sheet onto the new computer
  3. Deregister the license on the old computer (see the instructions below)
  4. Email the “Deregister Key” from the old computer to
  5. Email the Computer ID from the new computer to
  6. We will send back to you the License Key for the new computer , usually within 24 hours.


To Deregister (Remove) the licence from the old computer:

Click the “File” drop-down menu and select “Licencing”.


In the Licencing window click the ‘Remove Key’ button in the lower right corner.

Respond to the alert message.

If the “OK” option is clicked, the key is removed and the software reverts to “Demonstration” mode which means that you will no longer be able to print, save or dimension.

Please read the instructions on the Deregister window.

If you proceed with the deregister, email the ‘Deregister key’ as shown on the computer in question, along with the Computer ID of the new computer on which the software has been installed.

A new key will be sent to enable the licence on the new computer.